2 Weeks | Semester 4


UX Design, Visual Design

Make travel blogging great again.

Triptale lets users document their journeys easily and enhance the experience of travel blogging by creating immersive tales

Travelling is a vital experience for humans. We love exploring places, making memories and also cherish them even after the trip is over. So much so that we revisit the pictures, share them, talk about them and more. While this indeed takes us back in time, but what if we could document our whole trip in one place? The timeline, pictures, our thoughts, everything which we could even share with the world and tell our tale?


Triptale does just that! Your travel blogging companion which even works offline, lets you add friends and create tales together. Create, share and unzip your backpack of memories, because what worth is travelling if we can't relive the experience again!

Focus Group

The Instagrammer

An Avid Traveller

- Travels frequently

- Clicks a lot of pictures

- Puts up a lot of Instagram stories

- Would like to document the whole trip

- But that shouldn’t be distracting

- Travels for subliminal experience

- Documents through a diary probably

- Would like to keep the memories to oneself

- Would like to document the experience in a meaningful way

Information Architecture

App Logo


(A Travel Companion)


(Abstract for Memories)

Product Features

Collaborative blogging

Travel along with your friends and collectively create Tales without much effort. Works without internet too.

Create tales on the go

Triptale tracks your trail while you are on trip. Easily create and manage your exciting tales on the go!

Easy photos sharing

Share photos and videos with your friends instantly. No more of that “Can you please email those pictures to me?”.

Experience easy documentation 

We care that you immerse yourself in travel experience, not in one’s phone so that you don’t get lost trying to document everything .



Creating Tales

Exploring Tales

Splash screen

Where's your backpack at?