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The science or practice of drawing maps.

Maps play a very important role in our day to day life. We see them everywhere, rely upon them for information and destination. This module focused on how we could abstract physical world by representing our surrounding in a visually interesting form.

NID Bangalore - Floor Map

Designing an abstract map for one of the floors in NID Bangalore. Scroll down to see the process from data collection to the final abstract map. 

Belgaum City - Tourist Map

Building schematic map for Belgaum city and highlighting popular tourist destinations in and around the city.

I started by manually tracing national highway and main roads of Belgaum. Then in reference to the actual map above, slowly abstracting the roads and the surroundings without hampering the sense of direction. Later, tourist places and popular attractions from the city were mapped.

  Abstraction Process  

Belgaum Tourist Map

Final Output

To give it some more depth of information the map can be further modified accordingly.

Other Projects

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