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Summer Internship at Heymath, Chennai.


5 Weeks | Jun - Jul 2017


UX Design, Visual Design

Prism lets the stakeholders analyse and track the usage of Heymath’s educational services in South Africa. It provides insight of every school’s performance under each provinces and helps education ministry to take necessary actions to increase the program usage.

The app provides access to annual curriculum schedule created based on CAPS recommendations. Educators can be guided by a week-wise verified curriculum schedule presented with sub-topics and objectives along with references to HeyMath’s mapped resources.

Features Include:

  • Usage analysis dashboard

  • Annual curriculum monitoring

  • Academic planner

  • A communication channel for stakeholders to contact Heymath support team

Color Palette

Dark color theme was chosen to make these data points stand out throughout the app, hence the palette. Assigned colors for 3 buckets of data : Good    , Below par     & No data   


Avenir a is legible typeface which is modern and humane at the same time. The font presents a simple yet effective appearance in text for displays.






Modern and minimal logo. The colors represents three buckets of data in the app. The wave structure brings out the metaphor of graph and analysis.

Below are some of the explorations:



Splash screen


Usage monitoring

Academic planner

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