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Hello 👋🏻

I'm Niranjan,
I design digital experiences

Currently working at Microsoft on the Bing WebXT Platform. With a master's degree from NID, I bring a solid foundation in creating meaningful user experiences. My previous work association was with Flipkart & Paytm.

Featured in Invision

Featured in Blush

Integrating SMS Organiser in Microsoft Start App

SMSO is an app that helps users manage their SMS by categorising them intelligently. By integrating SMSO as mini app, Start app aims to provide a seamless and convenient experience for its users.

Product Design | Mobile Interface | Android

Graduation Project

NID Graduation Project

A six month internship focused on designing a new vertical under Paytm app which lets you book activities in any city.

Product Design | Internship | Jun to Dec 2018



Exploring the art of map abstraction and building custom maps

Graphic Design | Personal Project | Maps


What makes the

genre Classic Rock?

A short narrative based on data analysis of classic rock radio stations

Data narrative | Info Viz | Interactive



Document your journeys easily and enhance the experience of travel blogging by creating immersive tales!

Product Design | Branding | UX - UI 

SMSO and Start App

Strategy Design

To re-think the business and product approach while keeping our user needs and apprehensions in the centre. With exhaustive design explorations the idea was to come up with solutions which catered to both - the business and users goals.

Case Study | Design Strategy | Android

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